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Triifalai seed
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Weight: 5 g
Value: 1.5 Main 45.png
Class: Magical item
ID: 344
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Triifalai is a strange plant of Albion. The name means "Trii of the Goddess".

Its seeds are necessary for the Dji-Kas magic as the spirit finds its focus in the seed. Sira must have access to them in order to perform spells.

They can be bought at several merchants but also be harvested around the world.

Triifalai bushes stand out at night, because their seeds will have a starry glow in the dark, but only as long as they haven't been harvested. Apart from that they appear as plain, blueish green bushes.

One bush will produce about 15-25 seeds.

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Triifalai bushes night.png