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The Toronto (sometimes stylized as TORONTO) is a mining ship from Earth owned by DDT, sent to Albion to mine its large raw mineral supplies. The construction of the spacecraft costed DDT over 120 billion credits, investing 3 years worth of profits.


The ship consists of 8 segments which rotate in space to create artificial gravity, but unfold when landed, hence its specification as Daisy-class.

Only 2 of the 8 segments have life-support systems. The rest contains mining supplies. During the landing sequence, the segments are unfolded like a flower, landing on the ground.


  • NE section is near the access to the communications room.
  • E section goes to infirmary and security personnel's accommodation section.
  • The service deck lies under the main deck connected by a service access, used primarily by robots and then technicians.


The most notable technology on the Toronto is its AI, Ned, which took up about a quarter of the ship's costs. Ned controls all systems on the ship. Ned's mind is stored in the Central Computer which is housed in a wireless super-durable box.


The Toronto uses the over-c drive technology for travelling higher-than-light speeds.

Fusion reactor

The fusion reactor on the Toronto is the most effective power source known to humanity. Inside the reactor, a fusion reaction goes on, which produces immense amounts of energy.


The Toronto is designed to land on Nugget. Its systems will mine enough ore for further production of robot systems and will result in a self-sustaining process. As the ship mines more and more minerals, its structures automatically can expand their sections and grow in gigantic size.

The ore produced by the facility will be sent to Earth in cheap containers. At the end the whole unit will be melted down and blasted to Earth.

Artificial gravity

The gravity on the ship is simulated via the centrifugal force caused by the ship's rotation.


Thanks to the AI control, only 80 crew members are necessary to control the ship.

Known members


  • The name "Toronto" was chosen by programmer Jurie Honeman, for some reason. As a strange coincidence, he eventually moved to Toronto, Canada.[1]
  • Based on the angular velocity of the ship visible in the intro, its diameter can be calculated to approximately 2300 meters when folded, in order to generate Earth gravity-like centrifugal acceleration.
  • The crater where the ship can be accessed is entered via a single cave tunnel and doesn't allow the player to explore it, as it always skips to entering the ship. It is actually a lot smaller in-game than in the animated sequence.