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Tom Driscoll
Portrait 1.png
Portrait 1.png
Gender: Male
Nation: Terran
Age: 28
Profession: Pilot
Tom Driscoll.png

Tom is a pilot from the Toronto and the main character of game. Tom's friends among the crew include Joe Bernard, whom he knew before the Toronto's launch, and Christine Mocci, his girlfriend.

When the ship reached Nugget, his task was to take a shuttle to an exploratory flight with Inspector Beegle, but his death from an explosion in the COM room made Rainer Hofstedt be selected to fly with Tom instead.

After their departure from the Toronto, Tom and Rainer witness their shuttle malfunction and only Tom's piloting skills save them from crashing violently to the planet. After seeing the thriving life of Albion, Tom sets out to find the ship and stop it from destroying the planet.

He has no particular special abilities, aside from the ability to use most human-made equipment in the game, whether it be made by Celts or by Terrans, but he has and develops a decent overall combat skill.


  • In an early version of the game, Tom was intended to have a visible prosthetic left arm, as evident from early screenshots and promotional material. In the final version of the game, no evidence of this is present apart from a single dialogue line[1], so it is unknown whether this idea has been scrapped from the game entirely and the dialogue line was simply an oversight, or if the arm is actually prosthetic but looking like a normal human arm.


Tom is level 3 at the start of the game. He starts with 12 life points, 150 experience and 9 training points.

Strength 42/70
Intelligence 50/90
Dexterity 40/90
Speed 20/50
Stamina 32/65
Luck 10/25
Magic resistance 0/20
Magic talent 0/0
Close range combat 35/80
Long range combat 25/70
Critical hit 0/8
Lockpicking 15/80

Tom gains 4 hit points and 3 trainer points per level up.

Level Attacks per round
3-19 1
20-29 2
30-39 3
40+ 4


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