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c. 400

c. 1630


  • A powerful Iskai merchant becomes very involved with humans affairs and this results to an assassination.


  • Last conflict between humans and Iskai.

c. 2080

  • Argim destroys the old Dji-Fadh building.









  • Birth of Sira
  • Harriet leaves her village.


  • A group of scientists accidentally discovers the over-c drive.
Note: Many events regarding the Toronto are also said to happen in 2227, but it is considered to be a mistake, they happen in 2230.

c. 2228


  • The DDT sends a probe to distant solar systems.
  • The Nugget, a planet having high concentration of valuable raw metals, is reported.


  • The Toronto is sent to the HR-13-4198 sector[1] to find the Nugget and start mining.

September 8, Sunday[2]

  • Professor Jonathan Beegle dies in the COM room.
  • The Toronto emerges from hyperspace at the edge of the Fabricotti 342 system[3].
  • Albion begins.
Note: According to the current-world Gregorian calendar, September 8 2230 is Wednesday, not Sunday. Apparently, the calendar has been once again changed during the Earth's history.


  • Tom Driscoll, along with Rainer Hofstedt, departs the Toronto in a shuttle to observe the Nugget.
  • The shuttle malfunctions and Tom has to land it manually. They land on Nakiridaani.
  • The shuttle explodes and knocks the men unconscious. They are found by a group of Iskai huntsmen and brought to Giria of the South Wind Clan.
  • After almost 30 days, Tom recovers from the injuries and begins to be taught Iskai by Rainer, who recovered earlier.
  • After a month, Tom and Rainer fully recover and visit Janiis, the Sebainah of Jirinaar, who invites them to a festival.
  • 2 days later, Akiir is murdered on the festival and, according to the Iskai law, the humans have to solve the crime. They are assigned Drirr, a member of the Stiriik.
  • The crime is solved, and the party leaves, together with Sira, the daughter of Akiir, to begin the search for the Toronto.
  • They depart on Gratogel and visit Tharnos, the tribal king of Klouta. They have to bring him the Strength amulet.
  • In order to get the amulet, they descend into Drinno and rescue Bero, who gives them the desired amulet.
  • With the permission from Tharnos, the party leaves Gratogel, setting sail to Maini.
  • On Maini, they are found by Frill, who wants to introduce them to the Dji Cantos, but they first have to settle down the situation between the Mahinos of Kounos and the Iskai of Srimalinar.
  • The tension is solved and the party leaves, apart from Sira and Mellthas, who want to stay together alone for a while.
  • Tom, Rainer, and Drirr arrive to the Island of Peace and are introduced to the society. They are told about the location of the Toronto on the desert of Umajo. Rainer wants to stay with the Dji Cantos.
  • They travel through the transport caves to Umajo, where a shuttle finds them, letting only Tom inside and trapping him there.
  • Tom is transported to the infirmary on the Toronto, spending there some time unconscious. Joe Bernard hacks into his room, letting him outside, and accompanies him to the reactor room to shut down the AI.
  • They are discovered and swiftly leave the Toronto, reuniting with the rest of the party.
  • Back on the Island of Peace, the Dji Cantos find a way to destroy the Toronto – the Seed.
  • They obtain the Metalmagic Knowledge from Umajo-Kenta and the High Knowledge from the Kenget Kamulos. Meanwhile, Joe records the world of Albion on his camera.
  • The Seed is created and used on the fusion reactor of the Toronto, disabling it and growing flowers all over the place. Albion ends.