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The Terrans are the human natives of Earth, the modern descendants of the Helromier.

As the Terran homeworld was becoming depleted of resources, the supranational corporations became interested in mining resources from other planets, but the speed of light still posed a limit.

Finally in 2227, a group of scientists accidentally discovered the over-c drive. While the experiment turned disastrous for them, the data was recovered and opened the door to large-scale space exploration. The first planet discovered by the Terrans was Gaia, home of the Hoika. The planet supported human life, and thus many colonies were built there over time, eventually driving the former inhabitants to minority. The second planet discovered by humans was Joshi, home to the Grik'tra species. Its awful treatment by mining multinational corporations led to the extinction of the species, and therefore laws were established to protect intelligent life outside Earth. From then on, every corporate space ship had to host a government official onboard to monitor the ship's activities.

In 2229, a space probe sent by DDT allegedly returned information about a planet so rich in resources that it could solve all financial issues the company had. A year later, the space ship Toronto was dispatched to the planet, now aptly being called Nugget. But on September 8, the ship stopped responging to communication attempts, while still transmitting location signals.


The technological advances are numerous, most notably the indi, an individual flying vehicle, the over-c drive capable of travelling at speeds seemingly faster than the speed of light, the gene-technology allowing for resurrection of extinct species, fast enough AI with its own consciousness since 2207, and space ships capable of self-expansion, e.g. the Toronto.

Culture and Religion

Wars are only held via trade, where the numerous supranational corporations represent significal forces.

The former religions are now seen only as nothing more than sects and aren't taken seriously, with fanaticism being regarded as a sickness. Several religions have turned attention to doomsday predictions, usually targeting at young people with their brain-washing.