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This page is an archived version of Technical FAQ from the official website (archived).

Technical Requirements.

486 or higher processor
VGA 256 colors or better
8MB RAM minimum
3MB hard drive space, plus space for save games
MS DOS (version 5.0 or higher) or Windows 95
Double speed CD-ROM drive
Microsoft compatible mouse
Most standard sound cards


There are no known installation problems.

Video Problems.

In most cases all video problems can be solved by getting the latest version of you video cards VESA driver. Some laptop's do not support the video modes in Albion® but a VESA driver can help the situation. If you have a #9 video card please call our tech support line and ask for the update or download from our web pages.

Mouse Problems.

Make sure you have the latest mouse driver or are using a Microsoft mouse driver version 8.2 or later. In some instances having an older version will cause the mouse to move erratically or disappear.

System Hangs of Crashes.

There are many solutions to this problem. First make sure you have the latest VESA and Mouse drivers. Next make sure your sound card is set up correctly, wrong settings will almost always cause these errors. Make a boot disk with just the bare minimum to make the game run, especially if using Windows 95.

Why isn't there a spoken version of Albion?

Albion is a very story oriented game and therefore contains an enormous amount of text (850 Kb, approx. 150,000 words). It would be too complicated to have all the texts spoken, not to mention that all the spoken text wouldn't fit onto one CD.

Error Log Message.

If the game keeps playing wait and see if it happens again. If not then don't worry about it. If the system hangs or this error is re-occurring then try the following. Back up your save game directory. Un-install Albion. Run SCANDISK and DEFRAG on your hard drive. Re-install the game and copy your save games back into the save directory.

Which resolution does Albion use?

Albion uses a resolution of 360 x 250 pixels. Every VGA card can display this, but some laptops may have trouble (as stated on the box).

Is a second part to Albion in the planning?

No. At the moment, there are no plans to make a second part.

Is an Amiga version of Albion in the planning?