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The Hunters' Clan of the South Wind is an Iskai hunting clan and one of the oldest in Jirinaar. They live by hunting and sometimes they conduct hunts without weapons to initiate the young. Their chief is Sebai-Li Wrinn but because of his value of public image, the expenses of the Clan were too high.

Famous for their hospitality, their members found and saved Tom and Rainer when their shuttle had exploded and injured them. If Tom decides to give them the remainders of their shuttle to solve their financial problems, Wrinn will get the key to the clan's building and cellar.

Giria is the healer (for minor wounds) or the Dji-Kas healers are employed

Known members


The clan's building is located in the south-eastern part of Jirinaar and it is one of the biggest buildings. Aside from the the above-ground section, there are underground sleeping and supply chambers, the latter being the place where the metal from the shuttle was stored.