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Portrait 4.png
Portrait 4.png
Gender: Female
Nation: Iskai
Age: 12
Profession: Dji-Kas mage

A young, red-headed Iskai. She has a happy nature and is looking for something to be good at. Sira appears to have a kind, caring and thoughtful personality.

Sira is the daughter of Akiir, the head of the Dji-Fadh guild. Against her father's wishes, she has chosen to study the rival Dji-Kas branch of magic. She was a Dra Dji-Kas. Sebai-fre Fasiir told her to take the examination for the lowest rank of a Stri Dji-Kas.

After her father's assassination related to this old tension, she is interrogated and later she chooses to travel with Tom Driscoll's party to get away from it all for the time being. Early on, she develops a special bond with Mellthas.

Sira has the most varied list of spells of any character in the game, including some that freeze enemies immobile, thus potentially temporarily removing dangerous opponents from the battle, making them some of the most effective spells in the game.



Sira is level 4 when she joins the party. She starts with 16 life points, 16 spell points, 250 experience points and 12 training points.

Strength 20/45
Intelligence 55/90
Dexterity 58/70
Speed 40/99
Stamina 25/50
Luck 8/33
Magic resistance 20/30
Magic talent 85/85
Close range combat 30/50
Long range combat 25/70
Critical hit 5/5
Lockpicking 25/50

Sira gains 4 life points, 3 training points and 5 spell points per level up, with the exception of her very first level up where she gains 9 spell points.

Level Attacks per round
4-15 1
16-23 2
24-31 3
32+ 4