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Portrait 10.png
Portrait 10.png
Gender: Female
Nation: Mahino
Age: 29
Profession: Warrior

Siobhan is a potential party member. She can be found in a residence in Beloveno and will easily join the party when asked to, instead of Khunag, but has no bearing on the plot and is purely optional.

She is a warrior, the only one capable of using the most powerful non-magical (and non-Terran) human weapons.



When trained well, Siobhan is amongst the best physical fighters in the game, having advantages over both Drirr (more strength, critical hits) and Tom Driscoll (+4 attack points, more combat skills, strength).

Siobhan is level 7 when she joins the party. She starts with 35 life points, 980 experience and 28 trainer points. She has 2 armor and 4 damage by default that adds to any equipped items.

Strength 60/90
Intelligence 45/80
Dexterity 50/70
Speed 45/50
Stamina 50/75
Luck 10/25
Magic resistance 5/20
Magic talent 0/35
Close range combat 65/99
Long range combat 40/99
Critical hit 4/9
Lockpicking 5/20

Siobhan gains 5 life points and 4 trainer points per level up.

Level Attacks per round
7-13 1
14-20 2
21-27 3
28+ 4