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The Sebai ritual is the most powerful magical act which the Iskai are capable of. It can be performed by anyone with a slight magical talent. If an adult touches the newborn's Trii (Which has very special properties for one week after birth) against his, one can transfer their entire self into the spirit of the child, thus begin life anew; the body of the adult dies at the time of the ceremony.

Because of the severity and holiness of the ritual, only a few special people, the Chosen, can undergo the ritual with the Council of Jirinaar's approval, and with the newborn's mother's consent. Usually the Chosen is the partner or sibling of the mother.

Non-Chosen ones aren't allowed to perform the ritual. Besides the abduction of a newborn, this is the worst crime there is and is punishable by execution of the criminal and their entire family.

When the ritual is performed, the Chosen one receives the title of Sebai, followed by a number which indicates how often he or she has been through the ritual (eg. Sebai-Fre, Sebai-Giz).

Known Sebai