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SCRIPT XLD file contains scripts that can be executed from maps. They cover automatic movement and cut-scenes.


The only syntactical elements are comments and function calls. Comments start by ';' and end on the end of the line. Function calls can only pass integer arguments, separated by spaces.


Name Arguments Description
party_jump abs_X abs_Y sets the position of the party
party_move rel_X rel_Y moves the party
npc_jump npc_id abs_X abs_Y sets the position of a NPC
npc_move npc_id rel_X rel_Y moves a NPC
show_map shows the 2D map
do_event_chain event_id executes a special action (map change etc.)
show_pic pic_id scr_X scr_Y shows a picture from PICTURE on screen
song sng_id starts playing a song
ambient amb_id starts playing sounds from WAVELIB
npc_on npc_id shows a NPC
npc_off npc_id hides a NPC
npc_lock npc_id locks a NPC's movement
npc_unlock npc_id unlocks a NPC's movement
play_anim 5 shows an animation from FLICS
text text_id displays a text
party_member_text member_id text_id lets a party member say a text
npc_text npc_id text_id lets a NPC say a text
pause ticks pause the game for a time in ticks
fill_screen color_number fills the screen with one color
start_anim 4
play 1
load_pal palette_id sets a palette for the game
party_turn dir sets the party's direction
npc_turn npc_id dir sets the NPC's direction
camera_lock lock the camera movement
camera_unlock unlock the camera movement
camera_jump abs_X abs_Y sets the camera position
camera_move rel_X rel_Y moves the camera
update ticks pauses the script execution for a time in ticks
party_on shows the party
party_off hides the party
party_awaken unused
party_activate unused
sound 5 plays a sound