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Rainer Hofstedt
Portrait 2.png
Portrait 2.png
Gender: Male
Nation: Terran
Age: 45
Profession: Scientist
Rainer Hofstedt.png

Rainer Hofstedt is a physicist, xenobiologist, and a government inspector aboard the Toronto along with his mentor Inspector Beegle. After Beegle's mysterious death, he is the only remaining government official on the ship, and therefore Captain Brandt had him to accompany Tom on his exploratory flight over the Nugget.

When the shuttle crashes, they are rescued by the Iskai of Jirinaar (who call him Rainiir), and until Tom has recovered from the explosion, Rainer has time to learn the language and culture of the natives. He reacts to the Iskai and Albion's ecology in general with the wonder of a scientist who not only finds himself with a whole new world to study, but also finds some of his old beliefs and attitudes shaken. After two months, he continues to accompany Tom on his journey.

Initially sceptical to the possibility of magic on Albion, he is amazed when he and Tom witness the spell of Fasiir of the Dji-Kas.

He is a party member up to the point when they reach the Island of Peace - the center of knowledge on Albion, and meet the Dji Cantos. Rainer cannot resist the possibility of learning from the wisest scholars, and decides to stay on the island.

After Tom and Joe return from the Toronto and confirm the company's intention to destroy the planet, Rainer confers with the Enlightened Ones and provides valuable knowledge on how to shut down the metal colossus.


Rainer is the most intelligent playable character in the game, often offering insightful and even valuable comments, and has good lock-picking skills, but is also the weakest fighter.

Rainer is level 4 when he joins the group. He starts with 12 life points, 350 expierence and 8 training points.

Maximum attributes
Strength 28/70
Intelligence 76/90
Dexterity 80/90
Speed 11/50
Stamina 35/65
Luck 15/25
Magic resistance 10/20
Magic talent 0/0
Maximum skills
Close range combat 25/40
Long range combat 20/40
Critical hit 0/5
Lockpicking 25/80

Rainer gains 3 hit points and 2 trainer points per level up, always having a maximum of 1 attack per round. Paired with his low combat skills this renders him one of the weakest characters in game.