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power amulet
Item 181.png
Weight: 500 g
Value: 540 Main 45.png
Protection: 1 Main 44.png
Class: Amulet
ID: 349

A map showing where to get the Power Amulet in the Kamulos dungeon. The green line shows the "false wall" that players must walk through to retrieve it.

The Power Amulet is one of the best necklaces in the game. It can be found on Maini Island, in the village of Kounos. To get the power amulet, you must first negotiate or fight your way past Nodd. Once downstairs, you find the Power amulet in a box on Map 276. However, if you enter the room and even *open* the box, the floor turns to lava, preventing your escape. The only way out is through the "false wall" on the east side of the chest. (Indicated in green on this map)