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European currency unification attempt

European Union: the 14th attempt to introduce a uniform, official currency has failed due to Germany's resistance.

Rain forest

McCartney heirs appeal to International Court of Justice. Does the expropriation attempt of Brazil against the McCartney heirs threaten the last cohesive rain forest? Some countries demand that the community property of heirs be protected by paid defense forces.


Rome- Pope John Paul the 14th published his encyclical today concerning the protection of unborn life. In this, the Vatican reinforced its position against birth control and the question of abortion. According to the encyclical, the development and protection of the unborn will take precedence over 'individual special interests' -now, and in the future says the paper. Also in the future, abortion will be permitted only when the life of the mother cannot be saved any other way. The pope described contraception as a 'damnable attack against the biological sovereign rights of God. Even a constantly increasing overpopulation cannot be reason enough to retreat from this principle of civilization.'

Vatican monitoring

Brussels-The Secretary of the Interior of the United States of Europe, John McDermott, called the latest encyclical of the Vatican a 'further denial of all realities of this world, characteristic of this sect.' In this connection, McDermott pointed to the constantly growing religious sects, behind which, as a rule, there is nothing but an attempt to access the followers' belongings by brain- washing. Particularly shocking is the high number of juveniles who easily fall victim to such methods. McDermott announced an increased monitoring of the Vatican by European agents. In particular, he would like to keep the enormously increased armaments industry of the Vatican under observation. Recently, indications are increasing that the Vatican has biological weapons at its disposal.

Toronto lost

Stuttgart-Tokyo-A spokesman of the DDT corporation came forward for the first time to react to rumors that a factory ship, the 'Toronto', of the corporation has gone missing during a mission in space. According to the company spokesman, the ship's radio unit was out of order. Of course, the ship itself is continuing to send location signals from a desert planet called Nugget in sector HR-13-4198. From this, it is assumed that the ship's systems are operating normally and in a few years the first freight ships from the Toronto will arrive on Earth. Therefore, a rescue mission is unnecessary and also would take too long since a trip to this planet would take at least three years. As a result of this press report, the price of DDT stock market shares increased only slightly.


Strasbourg-A resolution, regarding penalties for praying with minors, was rejected at the annual meeting of European Social Studies teachers today. According to the chief officer of the ESS, Anngret Bergmann-Lampe, defenseless children should not be subjected to the often brutal end-of-the-world or annihilation scenarios of nearly all religions. Recently, the president said, religiously motivated graffiti has appeared in European schools with more frequency. It is not sufficient, so Bergmann- Lampe says, to punish the evil-doers severely. Rather, they have to be identified and treated as having a sickness.


  • The translation of this text is incorrect; according to the German original maptext, the resolution was passed, calling the European government to action.
  • Additionally, the proposed treatment of the offenders was not just for a "sickness", but specifically an addiction.

Trade war

Geneva-The Foreign Ministers of the European, American, and Asiatic Communities, met today in their semiannual conference concerning further peaceful collaboration (SPSC). In this case, the trade war between the Americans and the Asians is very prominent. Mutual reproaches about expensive protective tariffs abound. However, the Asiatic emperor's threat to blow up the jointly planned tunnel project under the Bering Sea was not the subject of the conference. A final declaration will not appear until tomorrow evening.

Gates Prize

The Chinese scientist Huo Wong Gang won this year's Gates Prize for their pioneering research in plasma physics. Huo Wong Gang was the first Chinese to win the prize endowed with 470 million credits. The Gates prize has been awarded to outstanding scientists and business people for 154 years.

Golf report

A sports report. Golf. In the National Cup game between Iraq and the USA, the score stands 2:1 for the favored Americans after 3 of 5 rounds.


An earthquake warning- There will be no expected quakes or tremors tomorrow, September 9, 2230, in the San Andreas fault area. After the large quake last year, new stresses between the American plate and the Pacific plate are building back up only very slowly. Small tremors, which certainly should not exceed a value of 3.5 on the open-ended Richter scale, may appear only in the Los Angeles area. The Japanese coastal regions are also behaving peacefully with no quakes expected there. However, the northern Mediterranean west of Athens will see some unrest. The measurement of the international earthquake monitors indicate a quake with a strength of around 5, which of course will have minimal effects on the Greek provincial capital.

Space research conflict

It was not possible to settle the salary conflict between the space pilot's union and the supranational space centers today. The worker's representatives threatened a warning strike if the employers did not present an acceptable offer by the next round of negotiations. The main issue in this conflict is that the space traveling scientists share in the patents arising from their experiments. While a company spokesman for the employers' side categorically denies any "Utopian" share, the opposite side calculates that this year alone 400 billion profit credits would be distributed from the patents as a result of research obtained in space. "We would like to have a piece of this pie," a union spokesman said.

Unemployment statistics

Nuremberg-The president of the European Institute for Labor, Jagoda, presented his report for August today. According to the report, 76 million people were out of work in Europe during August. This corresponds to an unemployment ratio of 16.7%. The speaker of the sociological opposition in the European Parliament, Giuseppe Piscator, challenged the recklessly antisocial policy of the Union government which, he stated, permitted the supranational corporations record profits while tolerating the demise of major European cities into slums without taking any action. Piscator said literally: "It is obvious that the government has a personal interest in having American conditions prevail in Europe. The opposition will not tolerate this reversion to Thatcher capitalism without doing anything.


  • 76 is 16.7 % out of 455, which could either be the total population of Europe, or just the productive population, in which case (using present ratio of roughfly 65 %) it would put the total population at 700 million. Either way, the population would be less than in today's real-world Europe, contradicting the part about overpopulation above.

School begins

School begins across Europe tomorrow, Monday, after the long summer vacation. The Union Traffic Ministry requests all indi-pilots to fly particularly cautious during the coming days, since many primary school students will be in transit. Please be careful.

October 3rd holiday

The saga of October 3rd continues. The employers' association proposal to cancel the German national holiday of October 3rd in favor of general compulsory educational insurance continues to run into resistance. Today, the Sudeten organization of German exiles made a statement. Its president, Herbert Hupka VI, warned against eliminating this day from the memory of the Germans until the Sudetenland is German again. Yesterday, the German state government expressed concerns against the plans. There is still no reaction from the Union government.