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Nakiridaani is an island on Albion. It is inhabited solely by Iskai in their city of Jirinaar.

The Iskai don't have much dealings with human beings living elsewhere and regard visiting humans as oddities such as when Tom and Rainer first landed. The island consists mainly of untamed jungle, but it does contain Jirinaar, the greatest city and trading center of the Iskai.

The only other Iskai structure is the old guildhouse of the Dji-Fadh, now a deserted and shunned place, inhabited by krondirs and worse, rumoured to be haunted.


The jungles around Jirinaar are full of exotic Albion life, from strange tree-like plants and Triifalai bushes to predatorous animals. Some of the local animals are completely harmless, but beasts called krondirs, skrinns and warniaks make travel dangerous. Krondirs and warniaks are also hunted by the Iskai for their valuable body parts. Also found are swarms of little, stinging insects that can prove a nuisance. The vegetation itself is often dense enough to present an obstacle.