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Portrait 5.png
Portrait 5.png
Gender: Male
Nation: Celtic
Age: 24
Profession: Druid

Mellthas is a deaf-mute Druid of Arjano and the foster son of Bero. He communicates via written notes and lip-reading. He greets Tom together with Nemos when they arrive to the school, and accompanies the party to Drinno to find Bero and obtain the strength amulet from him. He discovers that he has the more or less unheard-of ability to communicate with the Iskai Sira by touching her Trii. After rescuing his foster father, Mellthas wishes to join the party and stay with Sira, with whom he has grown very close.

Mellthas has a relatively short list of learnable spells, most of which are moderately powerful combat spells. They notably include the Banish Demon spells, which when successful will destroy demons at once.



Mellthas is level 5 when he enters the group. He starts with 15 life points, 375 experience, 20 spell points and 15 training points.

Strength 39/90
Intelligence 60/80
Dexterity 22/70
Speed 43/50
Stamina 43/90
Luck 5/25
Magic resistance 5/40
Magic talent 80/99
Close range combat 45/70
Long range combat 20/70
Critical hit 0/5
Lockpicking 15/50

Mellthas gains 3 hit points, 6 spell points and 3 trainer points per level up, except for his very first level up where he gains 16 spell points. He always attacks once per round regardless of his level.