Albion Wiki

Although Albion doesn't have a questing system per se, there are some optional actions which can be considered side quests, either completely unrelated to the main storyline, or representing other ways to proceed through it.

These quests include:

  • Avoiding Herras' murder by listening to Kariah and warning him in time. The reward is the key to his treasure chamber, containing 521.4 gold pieces and 4 jewels worth additional 157 gold pieces.
  • Promising Argim a music crystal. When promised, he will reveal the location of several Lights of the Goddess. Not fulfilling the promise causes only Drirr complain when departing from Nakiridaani.
  • Bringing a red music crystal to Frinos. He will reward the party with a crystal throwing axe.
  • Releasing Nelly from the Umajo prison. The "reward" is the death of Synja's mother.
  • Finding the Stone of the Thousand Visions and placing it on the ring in house of the Diamond Polishers' guild. Touching the stone then restores any party member's health and mana.
  • Giving 4 gold coins to a beggar in Beloveno's inn. He will reveal you where the host keeps all of his money - 90 gold pieces under a towel in the kitchen.
  • Buying the treasure map from Aurino. The map reveals a location near the pass leading to Khamulon, under a plant. The treasure contains 322 gold pieces, 2 chains and 4 jewels worth additional 255 gold pieces.