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Life points: 32, 75
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Krondirs are common beasts in the open world and caves.

They are a giant predator that primarily walks on two legs. They hit hard, but are somewhat slow, so a good strategy might be to kill them as fast as possible one by one before they can do any damage. Krondir are mostly solitary animals, the females are considered more aggressive than the males. Their meat is almost inedible and is therefore only used as bait for other predatory creatures.

Krondir 2 can even hit harder with critical attacks and 2 attacks per round.

On death they will leave behind Item 176.pngpiece of meat and Item 150.pngkrondir Trii.

The Krondir have a Trii - like structure on their frontal horn, which is very popular as a piece of jewelry. You can get good prices for the Krondir Trii.

Krondir 1

Krondir 2