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Kritah cave is located just south of the village of Kounos on Maini, near the mountain pass.

It gets this unofficial name, as it is the home to a nearly uncountable number of kritahs.

You'll need a rope to explore Kritah cave, as it's loaded with holes that are easily to fall into. There are 5 levels in total to Kritah cave, and the best loot is at the bottom.

It's recommended to carry about 5 lockpicks, as a number of the chests are Locked.


The location of Lugh's Hand in Kritah cave

An adventure through Kritah cave is all about the Loot. This is a completely optional side-quest.

Most notably, on the bottom floor (level 5) of the Kritah cave is where you can find Lugh's Hand, which is the best helmet in the game.

You can also find the semi-decent Shadowsword (lowest floor, level 5), two Fire Rings, an Ice Ring (lvl 5), a very generous amount of rations (About 200), a magical Red Sword, Crystal Throwing Axe (level 4), many potions, herbs, Chain with Gold, a Silver Torque (lvl 5). Please note that the Shadowsword and Red Sword are cursed items.