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Portrait 130.png
Portrait 130.png
Gender: Male
Nation: Mahino

Kontos is the religious leader of Kounos, a Celtic village on Maini.

Kontos' plan

Kontos discovered the large amounts of metals and minerals beneath the Iskai shrine, together with Riko and Gard. He wanted to convince, summoning demons around the shrine to do so, the people of Kounos to destroy the shrine, so he could dig up the resources. Gard's and Riko's task was to spread the rumors of the creatures in Beloveno as well, and get rid of Herras, who would certainly take action against his plans.

However, thanks to Tom Driscoll and the others, the evidence was brought before the both armies, and his plans came to light. Despite his last attempts to desecrate the shrine, Kontos was defeated.



Tactical 50.png

Life points: 600
Magic type: Oqulo Kamulos
Spell points: 500
Monster 38.png

In combat, Kontos uses a variety of Oqulo Kamulos spells.


  • According to unused event texts, Kontos originally was able to be attacked, and would call his guards.[1] While the dialogue leading up to this point is available (after talking to Darios for the second time), the option to make him call out for help is missing. It doesn't trigger any combat if restored.


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