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Portrait 9.png
Portrait 9.png
Gender: Male
Nation: Mahino
Age: 37
Profession: Oqulo Kamulos

Khunag lives in Beloveno.

A former high-ranking member of a militant Druidic sect, the Kenget Kamulos, Khunag is a dark, brooding wizard (an Oqulo Kamulos) that has been exiled from Khamulon.

He can join Tom's party either when they need a guide to said city late in the game, or at any earlier point after he is first encountered.

He is physically weak but has the most powerful array of combat-related spells in the game (almost all offensive). Khunag comes across as somewhat amoral but not entirely disloyal.


Khunag is level 8 when he joins the party. He starts with 24 life points, 900 experience, 40 spell points and 32 trainer points.

Strength 35/60
Intelligence 60/90
Dexterity 20/40
Speed 20/70
Stamina 30/55
Luck 5/25
Magic resistance 12/40
Magic talent 99/99
Close range combat 35/50
Long range combat 12/30
Critical hit 0/6
Lockpicking 20/40

Khunag gains 3 life points, 4 trainer points and 7 spell points per level up, with the excpetion of his very first level up where he gains 23 spell points.

Level Attacks per round
8-17 1
18-26 2
27-35 3
36+ 4