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The Kenget Kamulos ("The Footsoldiers of Kamulos", formerly known as the Fire Worshippers) is a cult of human warriors, the Kledo, and druids, the Oqulo, that worship the war god Kamulos. They reside in Khamulon, an underground city located in the north-eastern Maini. The leader of the cult is known as Cuain, the embodiment of Kamulos.



Some time after the arrival of the Celts on Albion, their beliefs started to divide. This led to the creation of the Fire Worshippers, a sect of druids that swore to preserve the old ways of the Celts. In the last civil war they were defeated and forced to leave Arjano and Gratogel. They reached Maini and founded the underground city of Khamulon, where they have resided up to now. Convinced they are the only ones who maintain their forefathers' warrior ideals, they created the sect.

Outside of their society, their cult became known as the cult of murderers and assassins. Many of their warriors offer their services as assassins. One of them was paid to kill Akiir.

The High Knowledge

Tom and the others, on their mission to stop the Toronto, had to find the High Knowledge, a list of all known magical knowledge on harnessing greats amount of energy, in order to create The Seed. With the help of Khunag, a former Oqulo Kamulos, they entered Khamulon and presented the Kenget with a financial offer. However, Khunag, certain that the Kenget would never accept such a daring proposal, led the party to the depths of Khamulon to find the Cairnain the Cuain himself. He transformed to Kamulos and was defeated. In order to keep this affair secret, the high priests gave the High Knowledge to the party and deported them from the city.


The Kenget are dedicated to the worship of their war-god Kamulos, and their entire society reflects this. The cult separates living beings into three stages.

The first stage are Warriors who have rejected their families and are respected above all; those who can fight with magic (the Oqulo Kamulos) are ranked higher than those who need the use of weapons (the Kledo Kamulos).

The second stage are women and their husbands who haven't rejected their families to become warriors. The third stage are slaves and prisoners, they have no honor or courage.


The statue of Kamulos found on the lowest floor of Khamulon.

The Kenget live, fight, and die in the name of Kamulos. They view each battle as a prayer to the god. In the Last Battle, they will fight for eternal honor.


  • The Proto-Celtic root kenget[1] means "warrior".