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Joe Bernard
Portrait 7.png
Portrait 7.png
Gender: Male
Nation: Terran
Age: 32
Profession: Technician
Joe Bernard.png

Joe Bernard is a member of the Toronto crew and an old Tom's friend.

He was with Tom on the Osaka and had a sake marathon.

Joe is a technician aboard the Toronto. He was assigned to the Northeast section near the access to the communications room. He was simulating a couple of errors to check out the backup systems.

He joins Tom's party after the rediscovery of the Toronto. His strengths mainly reflect his profession; he can offer invaluable advice during adventures that take place within the Toronto, at one point helping the party avoid some of the hardest battles in the game, but his combat ability is essentially limited to his ability to use superior Terran weapons, such as firearms.


Maximum attributes
Strength 70
Intelligence 90
Dexterity 90
Speed 50
Stamina 65
Luck 25
Magic resistance 20
Magic talent 0
Maximum skills
Close range combat 50
Long range combat 50
Critical hit 3
Lockpicking 99