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Jirinaar is the greatest Iskai city and cultural center of their people with a long history. It is the place where Tom and Rainer were transported after their landing on Nakiridaani.

It has been constructed on Nakiridaani by the means of the Dji-Fadh school of magic; most of its features have been created by manipulating vegetable mass into growing into predetermined shapes. These include the thick walls that encompass the city.

Other buildings in the city include the houses of the guilds (the Dji-Fadh in the NW and Dji-Kas in the SW), as well as of the clans, and a few shops and a tavern. The House of Weapons is found at the NE quarter; a harbor, a large shop and a merchant at the SE.

There are also animal breeders although most people prefer game. The more honorably an animal was hunted the greater the profit.


At the centre of the city lies the large building of the Council of Jirinaar that governs all Nakiridaani. The head of the council is Sebainah.


The city is located in the middle of Nakiridaani, lying on a river. It has a harbor that is the trading center of the island. Outside the city one can see the herds of clans who live by cattle breeding.

Known inhabitants