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Portrait 6.png
Portrait 6.png
Gender: Female
Nation: Mahino
Age: 26
Profession: Enlightened One

Harriet is the youngest member of the Dji Cantos. She can receive visions from Animebona.

Early life

When she was 14, she ran away from her home, because in the village where she was living, people were afraid of her trance states. She met Frill in Beloveno, who recognized her special abilities and brought her to the Dji Cantos.

She is dispatched to help Tom's party in their quest. She does this mainly with the Goddess's amulet, allowing them to travel instantly from one landmass to another .

She has the fewest spells of all the characters with magical ability, consisting mainly of the most effective healing spells in the game but also including the most difficult and powerful combat spell available, which if successful destroys every opponent instantly.



Maximum attributes
Strength 50
Intelligence 99
Dexterity 60
Speed 50
Stamina 55
Luck 25
Magic resistance 55
Magic talent 99
Maximum skills
Close range combat 40
Long range combat 40
Critical hit 3
Lockpicking 40