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Gratogel will be the second continent on your journey through Albion. It is inhabited by the Celts.

The climate seems to be more temperate than on Nakiridaani. Gratogel is divided by a mountain range, access through which can only be gained through a narrow, bandit-haunted pass.

Humans there seem to have remained very close to their Celtic roots, and live in three small villages of round huts, Klouta, Vanello, Aballon, each ruled by a tribal king or queen. They also have with them some other Earth organisms, such as pigs and a sacred oak tree. The inhabitants of Gratogel also tend to keep to themselves, and they rarely even see any Iskai.

Except the villages, there is also the druid school Arjano near the Qrenno tree.


  • The name of the continent may be derived from Proto-Celtic roots grâto[1] (love) and gel[2] (to be green).