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For the spell, see Kamulos's Gaze.
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Gaze of Kamulos
Item 54.png
Weight: 500 g
Value: 3000 Main 45.png
Damage: 26 Main 43.png
Class: Close-range weapon
ID: 356
Where to find the Gaze of Kamulos

Where to find the Gaze of Kamulos, map 310 -- X119 Y34

The Gaze of Kamulos is the strongest Sword in the game, at 26 Damage.

It doesn't come into play until near the end, but it can be useful to help your party defeat late-game bosses.

Where to find it

The Gaze of Kamulos can be found in the Northeastern corners of Map 310, part of the 2D section of the Oqulo Kamulos dungeon. You have to fight your way through some pretty tough characters to find it.