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May 1994

According to the time stamps on files in the official Amiga demo, this was the time when the Amiga version of the game was being worked on. There was no 2D mode, and the 3D mode lacked collision and sky. No interaction with the environment was implemented, as well as any new interface or characters. Iskai and dungeon textures were finished, although the latter weren't used in the following versions.

October 1994

Screenshots and a video from the "Alpha version" were shown on PC Power 12/94. Almost all 2D map graphics were done. There were two removed characters, Sioned, a druidess, and apparently an old version of Harriet. Also, the Dji Cantos house's main color was orange, not blue (reconstruction can be seen here). The sky in 3D maps wasn't done, yet.


The trailer from some time between these versions was published before the release. It showed improvements in 3D, but still features the old Harriet. The color of the magic points bars under the character portraits was changed from orange to blue.

January 1995

Blue Byte News 1995 CD features a rich collection of screenshots, all dated to the beginning of January. The old Harriet was removed, and much of the 3D maps were improved, including the sky. Dji Cantos still featured mainly orange color and, interestingly, is shown in a file named DECADENT. Siobhan seems to be referred to as "Oxana" in one of the screenshots.

September 1995

The same screenshots were published in Score CD 22, albeit in worse quality.

Autumn 1995

A version prior to 21.10.1995 (according to the timestamp on ITEMGFX) was briefly shown in the German manual from the 1995 release of the game. The only major differences from the final version are the presence of first aid kit instead of stimdrink, and the visage of Tom's prosthetic left arm.