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This page is an archived version of Game Hints from the official website (archived).

Money problems in the beginning?

Avoid refusing the request of the hunter's clan leader, then take a look inside the boxes around the house, especially in the 3-D cellar. All weapons, shields and equipment can be sold. In the city of Jirinaar (3-D city you start in after the crash) you'll meet a native (gray-green fur and red "clothing"), who you can talk to about buying some items. This guy has the best prices in the whole city.
You can also earn money by "hunting" animals, which have valuable objects on or within their bodies: There are plenty of them outside the city limits. You also gather experience points this way.

Training is important!

There's a trainer in the city of Jirinaar (a house in the eastern part of the city). Start out your training in close combat and your attacks will connect more often.

What does the eye symbol in the walls of the cliff mean?

The eye symbol in the walls of the cliff (by the waterfall in the first scenario) become more important at a later point in the game. For the present you cannot enter here, you'll discover its properties later (for the really curious who don't mind ruining the fun; there are teleporters hidden behind here, which later can enable you to move very quickly across the whole surface of the world).

Where can I go to get more party members?

Many party members automatically join the party when you reach certain points in the plot of our story (i.e. during the murder sequence in the first scenario after the shuttle crash). You can call upon others to join the party (in later scenarios), the person will make his willingness to join the party clear during the conversation. You can't get rid of party members until later in the game, when it makes sense to do so (that means you have more party members available than can actually come along at one time).

Part 1 - Toronto

Explore the whole ship, search every room and drawer. When the computer asks you if you want to leave say, "no." In the N.E. corner of the ship you need to talk to your friend Joe. Use the information that Joe gives you to enter the service ducts. Make sure you get the gun, you'll definitely need it. When you want to leave say yes to the launch request. Good job, your on your way to Albion®!

Part 2 - Jirinaar

After you wake up explore the building. You can take more or less anything you want here. Explore the cellar, if you have trouble there leave it for later once your party is a little stronger. Speak with everyone, especially the Sebai. If you find any weapons or armor make sure they are equipped. Once you have explored the whole building, find the gates and use the key that the Sebai gave you. Explore the whole city. Make your way to the council building after you have explored most of the city. Speak with everyone, make sure you visit the battle trainer and weapon shop. While you're waiting for the festival to begin you can either continue to explore or go outside the city gates to kill some monsters and get some exp. and gold. After the murder takes place, track the murderer and solve it. You'll need to go to a fairly nasty dungeon so make sure your characters are equipped and trained. After the murder you need to heal and restock your party before you go onto the next continent. It's more difficult than the first so make sure you don't leave until you are fully prepared.

Part 3 - Gratogel

Once you arrive at the town make sure to explore and speak with everyone. Make sure you speak with Tharnos, the Celtic king and accept the quest that he gives you. Purchase all the weapons and armor you can afford before you go to the druids keep. Follow the mountain path and make your way to the Druids. Once there make sure you talk to all the Druids so you can continue the mission. In the library some of the more useful spells you can buy are Banish Demon and Demon Exodus. Some of the monsters down in the dungeon can by quite nasty so beware!
Once in the dungeon make sure to explore every part of it, you wouldn't want to miss anything useful. Be sure to fill any buckets you find with water from the various fountains you find. Also make sure to save at least one pickax that you find because you will need it to complete the quest. After you make it through the dungeon and get what you need be sure and train Mellthas in magic before you leave. After the dungeon his magic rating should be a lot higher. You'll want to revisit Tharno's hut so you can move on to the next continent. Once you're ready sail to Maini.

Part 4 - Maini

You'll want to visit the weaponsmith's right away to sell or buy any weapons and armor. Speak with everyone there, there's another party member here that will join you, so don't miss him. Make sure that you visit the council house and Inn before you leave. Try and remember where all the town inhabitants are because you will need to revisit some of them. Leave the city and head towards Kounos and Srimalinar.
Find the battle trainer in the village, he will train you in close, long and critical hit combat. Talk or fight your way past the guard and enter the dungeon. In the dungeon you will need to speak with Kontos and find the document part, then show the document to Kontos. Leave Konous and make your way to Srimalinar.
Again you want to find and speak with everyone you can find in the village. Basically you need to uncover the assassination plot and eventually kill Kontos. After which you need to find Frill, he will take you to the next part of the game.

Part 5 - The Island of the Dji Cantos

Talk to everyone, especially Drannagh, who will restore your magic items and teach Harriet some new spells. You should have a fairly decent amount of gold by now so buy all the spell scrolls that you don't have or haven't learned yet. Raineer will leave the party so take all the rations and gold off of him, also any items that you may need. Walk into the light at the end of the tunnel and make your way to Umajo.

Part 6 - Umajo

Go through the rocks and enter the city. At the miners guild you'll have to give Ohl a jewel. If you don't have one, buy one. After Ohl leaves, you should enter the cave and find the chest that's hidden behind some rocks. You'll have to break through the rock so make sure you have a pickax handy. Leave the cave through the south exit.

Part 7 - Toronto (part 2)

Wait for Joe to come and rescue you. Search all the cabin's and cupboard's that you come across. You'll need to find various code notes scattered throughout the ship, so search it thoroughly. After you enter the door that you need the access code for, enter the reactor core and let Joe examine the console.

Part 8 - Dji Cantos

Pretty basic, walk into the light and go to the north of Maini.

Part 9 - The Kenget Kamulos

Once you get back to Srimalinar, have Sira and Mellthas join the group again. Leave the city and go back to the transport cave. Go to Nakiridaani and train everyone in Jirinaar. Restock the parties supplies and go back to the transport cave. Transport to the north of Maini and head east until you come to the Kenget Kamulos. Talk your way past the guard by making a deal. Enter the dungeon, once inside do your usual thing and start exploring. Make sure you get the amulet, and watch out for the fireballs! If you get captured make sure you surrender. Pay attention to any floor plates you come across they almost always do something. If Khunag gives you any advice during your journey listen to him, it is important. Make sure you have some rope along, in some places you will definitely need it. After you fight Kamulos make sure to take the [[High Knowledge

|scroll of high knowledge]]. You won't be able to complete the game if you miss it. Once back outside head back to Umajo.

Part 10 - Umajo

Go to the equipment makers guild and speak with everyone. Get the equipment maker's key and go into the mine shaft (Tom will go alone) and sneak up on the ritual. When Tom comes back out leave the guild. After you find out where Kossotto is head back to the equipment maker's guild. Go north of the building where Merdger is and use the key on the north door. Go down the stairs and enter the dungeon. As always explore and take note of all the levers on this level. Some levers have to be pulled in a certain sequence for you to get by some spots. When you find the gold key use it on the door in the central hall. Wait until the switch appears at 8:00 am, pull it then leave the room. Eventually you will find a magic curtain, walk through it and speak with Kossotto. Tell him the magic word and he will give you the scroll of metal magic. Make your way out of the dungeon and to Dji Cantos.

Part 11 - Toronto - The final Confrontation

You'll need to ask Mellthas and Sira to leave the party and get Joe to join. Make your way to Umajo and then go to the tunnels and come out the south exit. You will automatically go to the Toronto. Manipulate the console and fight the security guards that come through the door. Enter the code in the keypad and go down the service tunnel.
Take note of the colored lights on the wall, you will need to figure out a color combination code later on that you get from these. Make your way through the ship and confront Colonel Priver in the reactor room. You can talk your way around him or fight. If you choose to fight beware it will be extremely tough. Tom and the others will make their way into the reactor room. From here all you have to do is defeat the AI and then sit back and enjoy the end game sequence.