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This page is an archived version of Game FAQ from the official website (archived).

Some general hints on the Toronto.

At the beginning of the game, on board the space ship, you need to find a pistol, which will help you during the first few battles. Find your way through the first 3-D level and the service deck then deposit your weapon in the cabinet in the sluice in the middle of the level. Then go back up and get searched by the security guards. Now go back down to the sluice and retrieve the weapon in the 3-D level. In the northern area of the crew cabin you'll find additional ammunition in Inspector Beegle's former cabin. You can ignore the order to take off inside the space ship as long as you like. Just take your time.

Training is important!

There's a trainer in the city of Jirinaar (a house in the eastern part of the city). Start out your training in close combat and your attacks will connect more often.

What does the eye symbol in the walls of the cliff mean?

The eye symbol in the walls of the cliff (by the waterfall in the first scenario) become more important at a later point in the game. For the present you cannot enter here, you'll discover its properties later (for the really curious who don't mind ruining the fun; there are teleporters hidden behind here, which later can enable you to move very quickly across the whole surface of the world).

I'm in Jirinaar looking for the murderer. I've been to the building and found his remains but I don't know what to do next.

Search the murderer's remains and take the fine Iskai dagger from them. Go back to the city of Jirinaar and go and see Frill in the east part of the council building. Ask Frill what he knows about the dagger then go to the Former guild and find Bradir in the north part of the building. Ask Bradir what he knows about the dagger and the story will continue from there.

I'm in the dungeons below Arjano looking for the druid. I've come to a place where there are two transparent green doors, one behind the other, with a switch next to them. I've pulled the switch but only the door behind opens. How do I get through?

When you come out of the corridor with the fireballs, head west instead of east. Follow the corridor around until you come to a room with a fountain in it (it is described as looking like a quarry when you enter it). Use the pick ax on the east wall of this room and go through the exit you have made. Use the pick ax on the north wall of the secret room and go out into the corridor. Head east and you will be behind the transparent door.

I'm on the Toronto for the second time and have come to the door before the reactor core. I've got some of the code for the door but I can't get through. What is the code?


I'm in the Kenget Kamulos dungeons on the level with the hot floor plates. There are two exits on the level, one in the north behind some portcullises and one in the south in a room with a flame. No matter which exit I go down, I can't get any further.

Head north up the corridor which links the north and south. When you are in the northern part of the passage (just past the corridor which heads off to the west) look on the west wall for a button. Push the button and a secret room will appear, if you go in the room you will see the stairs to the next level.

I have the seed and I am back on the Toronto. I've come to a room with sixteen multi-colored floor plates in it but I can't open the door.

The combination on the floor plates is as follows (From north to south):
           GREEN  RED
   D BLUE              L BLUE 
Once you have made this pattern, push the button on the Plexiglas and the south door will open.