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Earth is the planet from where the humans originate, and the location of ancient Helromia. The humans from Earth are usually called Terrans or Helromier, although while the terms are usually interchangable, "Helromier" is mostly used when referring to ancient Earth's history.


Earth was created by Animebona and Animenkna, children of the Unknown God. While Animebona formed the flow of thought and being, created the plants, animals, and her people, the Celts, her jealous brother created his own people, the Helromier, and gave them order for thinking and fire for war.

For centuries the two peoples warred each other. The greatest warrior of the Helromier was Saethar, who together with Broto conquested lands of the Celts and defeated their greatest champions, Vercingetorix and Catuvellaunus, but was ultimately assassinated by Broto.

After centuries, the Celts were still undefeated, and so Bathrig ventured into their lands and told them tales of the Unknown God, whom he called Iaghvir. By giving name to their god, he brought order and categories, the principles of Animenkna, to the people and slowly turned them to Helromier without them noticing. It was Canto, a scholar of the Celts, who traveled to Helromia, learnt a great amount of their culture, and saw through Bathrig's mission. He assembled his last faithful men and left the Earth through the Land of the Fog to Albion.

Present day

The Helromier developed over the millenia, becoming modern-day Terrans. After eras of conquest, continental states were established in Europe, America and Asia. Soon the Earth was becoming depleted of resources, and so the supranational corporations became interested in mining resources from other planets, but the speed of light still posed a limit.

Finally in 2227, a group of scientists accidentally discovered the over-c drive. While the experiment turned disastrous for them, the data was recovered and opened the door to large-scale space exploration.


Earth's government is divided into continental countries, i.e. the European Union (United States of Europe), Asiatic Empire, and the USA, with the former countries becoming provinces. Wars are only held via trade, where the numerous supranational corporations represent significal forces.


The Earth's environment has seen a decline over the years, with the last cohesive rainforest remaining in Brazil. Several species became extinct, but the gene-technology allows for resurrection of them, most notably the tiger.

To combat the negative impact of progress, several environmentalist organisations have been founded, although some of them are becoming more radical, if not terroristic. One of those radical wings has surrounded the last Galapagos Island with a mine belt. As the progress turned its focus to space, the situation on Earth is slowly becoming better.


The Earth's global currency are credits, though some states still have their own currencies. There are also several multinational corporations on the world with their own complexes, schools and even kindergartens, most notably the Euro-Japanese DDT.


The former Earth's religions are now seen only as nothing more than sects and aren't taken seriously, with fanaticism being regarded as a sickness. Several religions have turned attention to doomsday predictions, usually targeting at young people with their brain-washing. John Paul XIV is the current pope and ruler of Vatican, who also greatly opposes abortion, despite the increasing overpopulation. Vatican is also rumored to possess biological weapons.