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Portrait 3.png
Portrait 3.png
Gender: Male
Nation: Iskai
Age: 16
Profession: Warrior

Drirr is the Stiriik of Jirinaar for human affairs. He has been assigned to Tom and Rainer when they were charged with finding the Akiir's murderer. He later decided to join them on their adventures.

He is very fast and unusually strong for an Iskai, and arguably the best fighter in the game, though limited to using Iskai weapons and armour. He is shown as somewhat curious and impulsive, once to the point of it being detrimental to the party.



Drirr is level 4 when he enters the group. He starts with 20 life points, 300 experience and 12 training points.

Strength 30/45
Intelligence 40/90
Dexterity 60/70
Speed 56/99
Stamina 30/50
Luck 20/33
Magic resistance 5/30
Magic talent 0/85
Close range combat 55/99
Long range combat 35/99
Critical hit 2/5
Lockpicking 15/50

Drirr gains 5 hit points and 3 trainer points per level up.

Level Attacks per round
4-9 1
10-14 2
15-19 3
20+ 4