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The Dji-Kas magic of the Iskai is deeply rooted in the world of Albion. The spirit's power is the most important factor, but all herbs and other aids are used: the Triifalai seeds are the most important and they amplify their natural magic abilities allowing them to cast Spectacular spells, usually of a healing, creative or destructive nature. They also produce a turquoise-colored beverage which strengthens injured bodies and accelerates healing.

Sira will be the Dji-Kas mage for your party.

Trainer Location
Fasiir Dji-Kas in Jirinaar
Spell Level
Blinding spark 3
Light 3
Light healing 3
Frost splinter 4
Sleep spores 4
View of life 4
Blinding ray 5
Heal blindness 5
Heal intoxication 5
Heal poisoning 5
Frost crystal 7
Remove trap 8
Thorn trap 8
Frost avalanche 9
Blinding storm 10
Hurry 10
Thorn snare 12
Fungification 15