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The Dji-Fadh or Formers are a Jirinaar guild of Iskai magicians, artists, and artisans. They are capable of forming living plant material to create houses of it. The head of the guild was Akiir, being succeeded by Bradir.


Near 2080, the guild was run by Argim. Despite his passion, he wasn't selected as one of the Chosen, and in his fury, he transformed the old guild house, which was located outside the city that time, into a strange place teeming with dangerous creatures.

Known members


The guild house is located in the northwestern part of Jirinaar. The eastern and southern wings contain previews of the guild's art, while the western wing is the teaching arean and the northern contains chambers of the guild's members.



Plant sofa

Large sofas are made of living plant tissue. They are soft and elastic. If damaged, they can easily regenerate.

Sewage basins

Sewage basin

The waste water from the house is collected through a system of pipes into a basin containing purfying plants, and then sent to river through underground canals.


Plant toilet

Giant plant toilets process fecal material rapidly and almost without odor. They only need to be watched that they don't grow too large.


Plant fountain

Fountain plants slowly grow very thick long roots. They are provided with suction chambers that force the water upward. The hardest thing is maintaining the neutral taste of the water. The current form of fountains was invented by Krai.