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The Decadent (most likely a work-in-progress name) are a supposed nation that was planned to be in the game, but abandoned before the official release.

"I don't know a lot about these people. They live in a fortified city which controls a straight on an important sea route. For hundreds of years they have lived from the tolls they raise there. I hear they have become decadent."

One of promotional beta screenshots refers to what became the Dji Cantos as "decadent". Coupled with the fact that there is an unused class in the game with the same name, the Decadent might have been supposed to play a large part in the story. The "old Harriet" might have been a member of this group.

The originally planned story progression.

The Decadent were one of the cultures intended to be visited throughout the game, after the Dji Cantos, and was ultimately needed for the creation of the the Seed. Jurie Horneman was supposed to take part in conceiving the culture[2], but it was eventually scrapped due to lack of time.