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Portrait 160.png
Portrait 160.png
Gender: Male
Nation: Mahino

Cairnain was the Cuain that succeeded Arghagh. He was killed by Tom and the others in order to obtain the High Knowledge from the Kenget Kamulos.

Cuain's murder and revenge

In order to become the new Cuain, Cairnain cowardly manipulated Khunag into killing his friend, Arghagh. Khunag then fled from Khamulon and changed his appearance.

Years later, Khunag returned alongside Tom and the others to finally take his revenge. Despite Cairnain transforming to Kamulos, he was defeated. Thanks to worries about the consequences of the other Kengets discovering this, the high priests let Tom and his party go.

Death speculation

His death showed that Kamulos is not as invulnerable as the Kenget thought. However, the death of Cairnain might have been caused only by his own weakness and cowardice.