Portrait 38
Portrait 38
Gender: Male
Nation: Iskai
Bradir is a Stri of the Dji-Fadh and was a representative of Akiir, succeeding him after his death.

Akiir's murderEdit

Bradir knew of Akiir's planned staged murder and tried talk him out of his plan. Bradir's antique dagger was a part of the murderer's payment.

When Tom, Rainer, and Drirr showed him his dagger, he attacked them, eventually being defeated. After healed, Bradir was taken to the Sebainah and explained the Akiir's planning and murder.

After being visited again, he repayed the party with gold of Akiir's bequest and the magic dagger.



Tactical 43

Life points: 18
Monster 31

In combat, Bradir attacks with his stiletto. He has total of 18 life points.