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Beloveno is a harbor city located on the southeastern coast of Maini, surrounded by stone walls from all direction except from the sea. The harbor is on the south, while the city gate is on the north, although there used to be two additional gates on the west and east, but only the old guardhouses are visible nowadays.

It's inhabited mainly by Mahinos, more civilized descendants of the Celts, though there are Iskai houses in the eastern part. It lives mostly by trade with cities such as Jirinaar or Umajo-Kenta.

The inhabitants of Beloveno are aware of the villages Kounos and Srimalinar to the north, but people seldom travel all the way there these days.


The city is ruled by the Council of the Just, whose president is initially Herras, or, if he is murdered, Zerruma. Newcomers should first report to the president.

Known inhabitants


  • The name of the city may be derived from the Proto-Celtic root belo[1] (bright), found in names such as Belenos or Belinia.