Portrait 105
Portrait 105
Gender: Male
Nation: Iskai
Age: over 150
3D object 15-092

Argim was the leader of the Dji-Fadh. He sought to become one of the Chosen and became furious when he hadn't been chosen. In his rage, he destroyed the old Dji-Fadh building and incorporated his spirit into the place.

Akiir's murderEdit

Clues led Tom, Rainer, and Drirr to the Argim's place. They found a Trii-like structure, which Drirr made contact with. The structure turned out to be Argim's consciousness. Argim moved itself away to allow the party reaching the murderer's remains, in turn he asks them to bring him a music crystal, which can be bought from Wania.

Alternative wayEdit

If anyone else than Drirr attempts to touch Argim, he gets shocked, and the party gets an option to attact the structure. After the structure is defeated, the whole place dies with it, too.



Tactical 71

Life points: 10
Magic type: Dji-Kas
Spell points: 4950
Monster 59

In combat, Argim casts frequently Blinding spark and Frost splinter. He has a total number of 10 life points.