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Concept of the world map.

Albion is a planet located in the HR-13-4198 sector[1], orbiting a star called Fabricotti 342[2], which is similar to Sun except for its slightly reddish hue. It is the homeworld of the Iskai race and the new home of the Celts.

DDT sent a probe from Earth to the system. Vast amounts of raw materials and ores have been detected below the surface, thus humans dubbed the planet "Nugget". Despite its richness, the Iskai consider that their land is the body of the Goddess and prohibit to burrow into it. Metal is rarely used, only when it is found on the surface. Metal from the sky is believed to have special powers. The Dji-Kas can forge special powers out of these.

Physical details

Albion from space.

Albion moon.png

Albion's moon.

According to the data from the probe sent to the system, it is a lot smaller than Earth. Although it was reported the planet is desert with little oxygen and no moons, the planet has vegetation, and a clear moon-like object is visible in the sky at night. The gravity is about 0.8 G thanks to its heavy core. Due to zero axial tilt, it has no seasons. Albion year lasts about the same as an earth year, and its day takes about 24 hours. There are more clouds in the atmosphere, which dyes the planet yellow when viewed from space.


There are 4 big landmasses on Albion – Nakiridaani, home of Iskai, Gratogel, the island of the Celts, Maini (known as Trenkiriidan to Iskai), and the Umajos' desert. There is also a small Island of Peace, home of the Dji Cantos. There are three major climate zones - moderate, warm, and desert.