Portrait 28
Portrait 28
Gender: Male
Nation: Iskai
Akiir was a Stri and the head of the Dji-Fadh. He is the father of Sira.

Akiir's murderEdit

Akiir learnt he has had an uncurable desease with only several months remaining for him. He carefully planned his own murder, only telling Bradir about it. He hired a murderer from the Kenget Kamulos to kill him during Sebainah's ceremony. He also bribed Kriis with a great amount of gold to accuse Fasiir for planning the murder, seeing his final revenge in that.

However, he hasn't expected the arrival of Tom and Rainer, who were charged by Jirinaar laws with solving the crime due to them being humans. The two, together with Drirr found the remains of the murderer and got Bradit testify to Janiis.