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AI Body

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Life points: 100, 160
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AI Body are tough android-robotic enemies that the party faces as they infiltrate Toronto. Their job is guard the ship's core. They are found in the restricted level

They come in two types. The first type wields a Pistol and takes a lot of damage to destroy. The second types are mostly accompanied with the first types and they wield Heavy firearms doing more damage and taking more hits to destroy. When an AI Body is defeated, it explodes with nothing remaining.

During Tom Driscoll's first time in the Toronto he meets one of those androids called Ned. On his second visit on the Toronto, he and Joe Bernard briefly encounter a Type 1. Before it can gun them down, Tom activates his Dji Cantos stone and badly damages the android enough that he and Joe can escape. This android is always the first AI Body that the party battles, having undergone repairs from the damage Tom had done.